Sunday, March 2, 2014

Casey is in Limbo.....

She's still body-less, and her head and scalps are still in a plastic bag in my box of dolls. Isn't that sad? :( I'd thought about rebodying her onto a licca body. But most of the ones I see for sale are about $20.00 and considering I don't think those bodies are all that poseable--well, it seems excessive IMO. That leads me back to the pure neemo Flexion bodies. I've noticed that Azone has done some revisions on the body and have (it looks like) fixed the joint issues with the shoulders (which would always pop off of the body at the worst time!) and the hip/ leg joint area. This is a pic of the revised PN body:
I'm not sure how big a difference the revisions will make, but I think I might have to try it down the line. Right now the going rate for one on feebay is 42.00-46.00 shipped (again excessive IMO, but ...what can you do?) I'm still thinking of getting a tom hiddleston head instead, since those are only 30.00 LOL!

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