Sunday, March 2, 2014

Casey is in Limbo.....

She's still body-less, and her head and scalps are still in a plastic bag in my box of dolls. Isn't that sad? :( I'd thought about rebodying her onto a licca body. But most of the ones I see for sale are about $20.00 and considering I don't think those bodies are all that poseable--well, it seems excessive IMO. That leads me back to the pure neemo Flexion bodies. I've noticed that Azone has done some revisions on the body and have (it looks like) fixed the joint issues with the shoulders (which would always pop off of the body at the worst time!) and the hip/ leg joint area. This is a pic of the revised PN body:
I'm not sure how big a difference the revisions will make, but I think I might have to try it down the line. Right now the going rate for one on feebay is 42.00-46.00 shipped (again excessive IMO, but ...what can you do?) I'm still thinking of getting a tom hiddleston head instead, since those are only 30.00 LOL!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So we moved...and the Frankenblythes left.

I'm now officially down to 1 Blythe...My friend M took pity on the frankenblythe parts and made them into great customs! You can check out her stuff here: Anyway...back to my 1 remaining Blythe.The poor girl doesn't even have a body at this point! How terrible is that???

You might remember Casey:

casey-3 She's my Bohemian Peace blythe...She was rebodied onto a Pure Neemo flexion body (I loved the body I just hated the fact that her arms, legs and hands would frequently fall off!) So when we moved I sold her body and promised her that I'd get her a "proper" blythe (aka licca body LOL) when we got settled. I will. I promise! Anywho, I'm really glad I brought her with me even if she is currently living as a head trapped in a small box! ;) Life will get better for her soon. I just need to find a cheap Licca body to use for her....Maybe in the new year?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Franken Blythes are staying! *I can't do it!*

I'm kind of relieved that no one in the UK wanted to buy the parts in the lots that I'd divvied them up into. I know I could really use the money (I'll just have to work on making a lot more stuff for etsy) but you know, I really do want to make my custom girls. Am I insane?

Yea, probably.
I imagine I'll actually work on them when I move home. Yea, you know, I think this is a good thing. I struggled to get all the parts---and now I have them, and why the heck should I sell them? Yep. Ok, so I guess I haven't kicked the blythe bug yet...

In other news its been a really spectacularly bad weekend and I had to let mark take all my sharp implements away. I'm just tired and really, horribly missing my boy, and my father. Thinking about how I keep seeing my family get smaller and smaller. And feeling old. I'm not that old, but I sure do feel it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blythe parts/ franken blythe dolls for sale

Ok so this is it. The franken blythes have to go. I'm reluctant to sell them but I know they have to go, and well, someone out there might just have a good plan for them. I've also posted this on Blythe Kingdom.
This is great stuff to build up your own Blythe!
(FWIW: I'm not sure what the provenance of many of the parts are since they were bought via ebay and through private sellers on boards--so they could be factory stuff.)

Please note I'm selling these as 2 lots.
(sorry but all the photos are pretty big)

Lot 1: (asking £90 + shipping)

  • 2 RBL faceplates (front & back) - these appear to be semi matte (or
    at least they aren't shiny). These are similar in skintone to BP.
  • 1 Brand new Pure Neemo Flexion body (I only took it out of the packaging to check it out)
  • 8 Extra Pure Neemo hands (and a pair of shoulders)
  • 1 RBL Eyemech - please note that it appears to have a flaw in the white of the eye on one side (see 2nd eye photo).
  • 1 Scalp with flanges (please note there is a faint stain on the scalp, not sure what-possibly pen?)
  • 1 Dome
  • All screws, and the Tbar included

Pure Neemo Body & extra hands (and shoulder set)

Eyes (showing all 4 eyechip colors. there is only one eye mechanism.)

EYE flaw

Scalp & Dome (stain is circled)

Lot 2: (asking £85 + shipping)
  • 2 RBL faceplates (front & back) - these are shiny. These are similar in skintone to BP
  • 1 RBL Eyemech
  • 1 Scalp with flanges
  • 1 Dome
  • Bohemian Peace body (small stains on back of legs)
  • Second hand other type PN body. I got this from someone on
    the board and was missing neck knob. I have temporarily replaced it
    with a barbie neck knob, but someone else might like to remove it and
    replace it with a home made version.
  • Bohemian Peace Clover stand
  • 1 pair of new Cool Cat Eye chips (brownish w/ sparkles)
  • 1 pair of Bohemian Peace eye chips


Scalp w/ flanges & Dome

BP body & PN other type body

Stains on BP body

Clover stand & eye chips

Although I'd prefer to ship within the UK (£7.00 special delivery next day)
I'm willing to ship worldwide (but only via airsure trackable & insured for our mutual protection)

Thanks for checking this stuff out! Smile

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Despite my best intentions: Blythe has to go.

I wanted to hang onto my blythes, but it just isn't going to work out with the other things going on in life. Although I'm going to keep Emily (Natasha Moore) I'm afraid everyone else is going to have to go.
Frankenblythes....and maybe Casey, though I'd really prefer to keep her.

I'll post some decent pics soon, and I'll post the FS stuff on BK.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Err, yea. Sorry for being so quiet!

Did you miss me? No?
Eh, that's ok. ;)

I've been kind of avoiding on-line stuff the last few weeks and pretty much just popping on for email, and the occasional post & web browsing. Max has been sick and we're trying to work out what's wrong with him.
Incase you don't know who Max is...he's my boy. I don't (and won't) have any human children so he's filled that niche in my life.
Max on May 23, 2010
The vet did a batch of blood tests and those ruled out our immediate fear of renal failure. He's on a course of antibiotics and the vet thought it was possible (not certain) that he had a case of cystitis. So we'll see how he is by monday and decide then what to do. The vet suggested that we do some diagnostics if the situation doesn't clear up.

Ultrasounds, x-rays---not cheap and because of that my Blythe collecting is going on hold (as well as having sold my Simply Chocolate to help fund the recent vet visits--once we get the scans & rays it'll be 400L that we've spent.) He's my boy though, and if I had to sell every one of my dolls to get him healthy I totally would.

Anyway I'll update soon with Blythe related goodies :D

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still waiting! But at least the eye mechs are here!! *pic*

So yeah, I'm still waiting.  I'm wondering if the stuff I bought from Lena on feebay will ever turn up. It's been a couple of weeks now (I'm an impatient person at best so any kind of waiting drives me nuts) and I'm starting to worry about if they're coming.

What I'm waiting for:  2 sets of "regular" RBL faceplates, 2 Sets of RBL scalps & domes to match the "regular" faceplates.

The good news is that the Blythe eyemechs have arrived! :D Yay! (Of course I'd be happier if I had some heads to put them into!). These are complete eye mechs: meaning that they've got eyeballs, chips & lashes, screws, spring, and the tbar).  I got those from a different seller on feebay, and although I felt they were overpriced, they actually seemed to be selling for less than the parts do on the Blythe related boards.

(excuse the crap photo!) I have to admit that I was/am pleasantly surprised by some of the eyechips in the mechanisms.
The Nile green ones (visible in the photo) are really rather nice in person, and I think once they're foiled they might be totally stunning!  :D  In the same mech there is a really lovely brown pair (If I'd been less lazy I'd have photographed them) and both eyemechs have some bright blue eyes (they look like they might be BP eyes!) So I'm happy with those.
I wasn't too happy with the way the seller on feebay had packaged them though.
They came in a flat envelope with a little piece of bubble wrap around them. :S I dunno what the post service is like in HK but our packages here always seem to take a beating! Luckily though, the mechs are ok and totally useable!

So I'm going to try to be patient a little longer & hope that the faceplates & scalps show up!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why does Blythe appeal so much? (oh, and links??)

Does anyone else ever ponder this question?
(I mean, aside from the fact that she's a cutie? )
What is it that makes her so appealing? And is that appeal-factor the same to everyone? Or does it vary person to person?

I think that for me it's a mixed bag or reasons:
  • She is cute in a different sort of way.
  • I feel inspired & interested in trying to make things for her.
  • Blythe is a fantastic base for customizing---you know that's a big draw for me, right? (Since IMO that's one of the best way of getting her personality to show).
  • She is very different from all the other types of dolls & action figures I collect. 
Have you got a blythe related blog? Let me know & I'll be more than happy to add you to my links! :D

    Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    Hair color choices--again! (and how many Blythes will I really need?)

    Yep. I'm still dithering on about what colors to choose and which side of the rainbow to start from! :)
    I'm terrible without visual aids for things like this (don't laugh!). So I thought perhaps if I made an actual rainbow of doll hair it would help me pin down where I should start (or at least which colors are calling to me first).

    Do I know where to start yet?
    Nope. Not at all.
    I'm kind of partial to all of it LOL....Though I kind of like the look of:

    yellow, green, blue and purple...


    pinky pink, yellow, circus blue, and purple.....

    And no.
    I'm totally not looking forward to having to root lots, and lots of heads! :P

    Anyway folks, thanks for listening to me waffle on about this....I know it's not a massive, world changing decision ---but it kind of feels that way to me!

    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    Commit to a color for Blythe's hair? What if it goes horribly wrong?

    Ok, so I'm probably over-reacting & over-thinking this: I need to pick some (3) colors of saran hair that I want to re-root my blythes with.

    The candidate blythes for re-rooting are:
    • Simply Chocolate
    • Bits & Pieces #1
    • Bits & Pieces #2
    It shouldn't be that hard, right?
    I mean, I want a Blythe rainbow--so all I really need to do is pick the colors I want to use...or is it harder than that? Well, yeah. Because I'm challenged when it comes to this sort of thing, it is!
    See,  what's got me thinking is the skintones of the Blythes. Ok, so back to the list again:

    • Simply Chocolate: she's got the FBL/ and fair skintone. Compared to my bohemian peace she's looking pale and anemic (like me LOL!). So the color I pick for her needs to suit that.
    • Bits & Pieces #1 & Bits & Pieces #2: Theoretically, based on the information I got from the seller the faceplates & the scalps are RBL regular/ are very close in coloring to Bohemian Peace. (I'm not sure of this though, since I haven't got them in hand). However, making the assumption that they're a close match that means I can use BP to judge some hairs against.
     So, anyway! Let's consider the rainbow: ROY G. BIV (or as they say it in England: Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain).

    What I've got to start with:
    Emily (Natasha Moore): she's classed as having purple-ish hair. Me, I don't think it's purple so much as it's a kind of wine-y color.
    Got moonpies?

    It's nice hair (I probably should do a treatment on it) and it's kind of thinly rooted on her head. Not Red, or Violet or even Indigo. But, despite that, she's the current start-point for the rainbow.  I'm thinking about what colors I want to put around her.

    I'm thinking on one side she could have Purple:
    (like this lovely re-root from Shershe@ Flickr)
    ...or is she?
    Shershe's Photo

    Although I'd do mine all dark purple (Restoredoll's Plum Crazy) since I think it would go with any skintone and look rather nice next to Emily--besides, who doesn't like a nice dark, rich purple? :D

    Which leaves me 2 other spots to "fill" and ideally they would be following on from Emily's side...
    So: Purple, Wine-Red, Orange-Yellow? Maybe?

    This would be the orange:
    This would be the yellow:

    I did also think that maybe, since I'm not sure about the skintones(with the yellow since I haven't really got anything that color here to compare with), I ought to get a hot Pink.
    I had a little bit of hot pink left and when I hold it against Casey (Bohemian Peace) it looks rather nice, and it looks pretty good against the paler Simply Chocolate.  And it wouldn't look bad to have
    Purple, Wine-Red, Hot Pink, Orange? Would it?

    This would be the pink (pinky pink):

    I really did want a blue haired girl (dark blue) but I haven't been able to find one I'm 95% sure of. I know for a fact I don't want to use RD's Sapphire Blue (I don't like it tonally).
    I like RD's Looking Glass Blue but since I haven't seen it in person (or found a Blythe that had been rooted with it) I'm a little leery of buying 2 XL packs (about 15 bucks + international shipping) to find out I don't like it. You know what I'm saying???  So it kind of leaves me scratching my head...I guess I'll keep scouring flickr for someone who's used Looking Glass Blue on their Blythe. *sigh*

    If I could find a blue I really liked I wouldn't mind trying to go: Blue, Purple, Wine-Red, Hot Pink, Orange......Or Green, Blue, Purple, Wine-Red.....

    Does anyone else ever have problems choosing the colors they want to do their dolls in?

    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    Meet Casey! *the Blythe formerly known as Bohemian Peace* :D

    So, this week was the week I actually got stuff done! I really wanted to make Bohemian Peace Blythe my own (sorry, but to me that means customizing her in some way). I actually managed to brave my ignorance of using MSC and gave it a go on Casey's eyelids & faceplate!! Go me!!!
    Of course, once I got it all done I wanted to take some photos! So we trucked out to the local park (paid 3.65 to park) and proceeded to avoid people whenever possible to shoot some pics.
    Without further ado--- Meet Casey! :D

    She's wearing some barbie clothes (my scene top & a pair of fashion fever leggins) and she's on the pure neemo flection body!
    I can't help but think that she looks pretty good! Her default hair is fantastic--the color looks great in the sun & in the shade---and unlike my simply chocolate she is pretty thickly rooted. Lots of lovely hair! :D

    I re-painted her lips (they didn't wquite get the natural look I was aiming for but I was pleased enough so those are what she has for now!) I replaced her eyelashes with some longer ones, and gave her a light blush on the cheeks and a peachy "eyeshadow" around her mid and upper eyes. (It dawns on me now I should have tried to snap a few of her eyelids--ah well!)

    She's also wearing a pair of knock-off barbie boots I got off of feebay a little while back. I don't know why but this just seems to be her style. I may (eventually, after I mod the body joints) make her a pair of jodhpurs to wear with them. Or possibly something more steampunk-ish. Casey seems like she could be into that!

    I'd like to take a few minutes to comment on the Pure Neemo Flection body. Over-all, I'm pretty pleased with it (articulation not withstanding). It put up with being stuffed in my backpack, and I didn't have many problems with limbs popping off (I'd read a lot of reviews where people complained about that) although her left shoulder joint did keep popping out when I'd re-position her...Still, it's a small price to pay (2 seconds to pop it back) to have much more interesting posability & attitude vs. the standard Takara Blythe body.

    Anyway I just thought I'd share! :D
    I've got some other bits & pieces of blythes coming my way soon....

    My next chore is to commit to new hair colors (I have 2 scalps coming my way and I'll need to root them!!!! *ugh* I do hate rooting....but I do so want to get a rainbow going!!!) I was thinking of doing Orange, Yellow & maybe Purple (separately--not as one head LOL) Any suggestions?

    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Customizing Blythe

    I've been kind of quiet on this blog the last week or so simply because I've been working on other projects. However, it doesn't mean I've not been thinking about my Blythes!
    In the past week or so I've managed to:
    • Open up Bohemian Peace's head
    • Sandmatte her face
    • Give her new eyelashes
    • Paint her lips, eyelids &stuff.
    • Give her one (I only have 4 pair) pair of new eyechips
    • Put her on the Pure Neemo Flection body
    I'm pretty pleased with what I got done :) But I need to take some photos and I'd like to take them outdoors (which is an issue here) so we'll see.

    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Yay! Blytheness!

    You know, I really wish I could pinpoint what exactly it is that makes me like Blythe so much!!!
    I'm not sure but heh, I guess I don't really have to know inorder to enjoy, right?

    Anyway, I managed to score a set of RBL faceplates off ebay for TEN BUCKS! (ok and 5 bucks shipping) How awesome is that? At that price I figure even if they're total crap I should be able to experiment on them and stuff without worrying "Oh my god, I'll wreck this totally expensive head!" etc. These are the plates:

    And this is the actual auction...
    Looks like she had a lot of them but they've all sold out since (which makes me even more glad I splurged and got em). I guess a bunch of other people like me thought the same thing? Her feedback doesn't seem too bad so I'm willing to see what happens.

    Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    Pure Neemo -- the Frankendolly version

    Just a very (very) quick post before I run off to get my blooooood taken. I got my franken neemo in the mail last week. I've snapped a few photos & have a few observations/comments to make about it.
    Obviously (as far as I can see) the problem with the pure neemo (non-flection bodies) is the fact that they are fairly static and have some weird ass poses to them.This one is also missing her neck knob--I have to make a new one out of milliput to use it with my Blythe.
     Looks a little weird, right?

    Good points:
    • Pretty heavy, dense in feel and they feel pretty solid.  I think with the right poses they'd support a Blythe head just fine (and maybe be able to balance enough to stand unaided (maybe).
    • Skintone seems to be an ok-match for the standard "regular" Blythe skintone.
    • Already more posable than the standard Takara Blythe body!! 

    A slightly better pose. This particular body has a really curved/hunched over back.

    Anyway, I'm waiting to see how the flection body stacks up when (if) it arrives from HK.  I've read online that it's not as "sturdy" or as "weighty" so I'm interested in what the difference in quality will be.

    Sunday, February 27, 2011

    Waiting, debating & anticipating!!

    Yep. Still waiting for the Pure Neemo bodies to arrive.
    It should be interesting to see which gets here first since once is coming from Hawaii and the other from Hong Kong. Right now I've been browsing Flickr and looking at the dolls using the Pure Neemo bodies and trying to make some guesstimates about which heads/skintones the PN bodies will work best with (ie match closest). I've already seen that the PN isn't going to be a match for Emily (Natasha Moore) who is "fair". Amber (pow wow poncho) & Yet-To-Be-Named (Bohemian Peace) are "Regular". So I'm hoping it will match them (at least for BP since I doubt I'll ever get Amber's head open).

    And of course I've got to mention the part of this post (since I already did the waiting & anticipating parts above!!) is what I am debating about. It's Blythe related of course. And it's related to customizing.

    You see one of the things that I've really noticed about my attraction to blythe dolls is that when I see them in small "rainbow" groups I really, really like them. I mean as in, I count them up and sigh over how much they'd have cost, and then I do a little searching on how much each color version cost etc.
    It's sort of stupid, but it's there. I think they feel like real physical rainbows to me--and a little bit of cheer, if you get my drift?

    (this is an example: not my pic, not my blythes but totally drool worthy!)
     Pic is by natsuki★girl :

    Blythe Rainbow
    Anyway, you can see looking at them how nice they look, and that's just a "small" rainbow. Some of them have such vibrant hair colors and fantastic looks to them.

    Anyway, it got me thinking about my "wishlist" of Blythes.
    (in no particular order)
    • Simply Guava (75-100$)
    • Nostalgic Pop (150-200$)
    • Can Can Cat (150-200$)
    • Simply Sparkly Spark (125-165$)
    • Simply Lilac (120-150$)
    • Simply Thumpty Thump  (120-175$)
    • Miss Sally Rice (175-280$)
    • Cassiopeia Spice (90-120)
    • Princess Ala Mode (ghastly expensive. not going to even list prices!)
    • Prima Dolly Violetina()
    • Prima Dolly Adorable Aubrey (130-180)
    • Feel the Sky(150-)
    Anyway, you get the point. There's a lot of them I'd be happy to own (although realistically speaking I doubt I'd ever own more than 5 or 6 7 or 8 in total just because space is an issue here).

    Now, being realistic, and looking at the market value of most of these dolls--I'm not going to be getting them (short of winning the lottery). So that leaves me thinking how I can get my rainbow without becoming completely bankrupt in the process! Hmmm?

    I have to admit that I doubt I would ever be able to leave a Blythe exactly as she came out of the box. I'm too much of a customizer at heart to do that. So when you look at it that way, there's no reason why I have to get a specific Blythe JUST because I like her hair color (and jack up her price by 50-100 bucks). I have hands that still work, and I can be patient when I need to if I can occasionally find a "cheap" donor/bait/damaged girl why not make mine that way?Then I don't have to feel so guilty about wrecking "rare" & "htf" blythes which some people would really hate me for.

    Is it do-able?
    Sure, as long as I get some funds and manage to force myself to be a bit more patient.
    I could buy one "common" one at a time, and work on customizing them into my own little rainbow!
    Sometimes I see them listed on feebay for 50-70 bucks so proved I've got some kind of income at the time I think I could manage it.

    For example: there's a seller on ebay who's selling a "2-pack" of Blythes for £86. (117£ shipped).
    Which if you do the math is: £117÷ 2 = £58.50 each (delivered). Which frankly IMO is pretty damned decent. (Ok I'm cheap and I'd rather get my dolls for way under that amount, but so far, that ain't happening!!) What I mean is: I can't buy a 2nd hand Blythe in the UK for less than 85£ (and most people I ask about it think I'm crazy to expect otherwise). I can get them "cheaper" from the US--but then I get done on shipping & Customs/Import fees. Yes, even when I buy off the boards & got for used ones.  So that no, it's not really any cheaper for me. :S it ends up being more expensive and frustrating.

    I already have Emily (Natasha moore) so I guess I'm on my way? (just a long, slow way to go ahead!)

    Tuesday, February 22, 2011

    Pure Neemo & Blythe

    One of the first things that I started looking into when I got my first Blythe doll was alternative body options. I like Blythe's face(s) but her lack of articulation and posability really, really, reaaaalllly irk me.

    Sorry, I like to have a doll that I can pose at least semi realistically. Call me bonkers! :P

    • So the first (and cheapest option) seemed to be getting a takara Licca body. 
    Eh. I'd had a few takara Jenny dolls and I wasn't overly impressed with them then. I didn't see the point in trying Liccas now.

    • The next cheapest option was using an Obitsu mini body. It was still kind of pricey for me (after you add in the international shipping & handling). I wanted something that was still relatively close to Blythe's size and that seemed a decent match (at least height wise).

    So I ponied up my money and bought one. And it sat in a bag for months while Emily (NM) was in pieces. I've slowly been working on customizing her, and I'd specifically bought a white skintone body to match her so I couldn't just pop another girl on it.  Being familiar with obitsu's 1/6 doll bodies I wasn't surprised at all. It was super spindly, and weak in the joints. But, despite that it was articulated and could pose. And with some work the body could be made to (reluctantly) hold the weight of the Blythe head. I just wasn't satisfied with how it looked.

    • That left me with Pure Neemo bodies.
    I kept running across photos on Flickr of people using the Pure Neemo bodies on their Blythes. And I liked how they looked. They looked GOOD! not spindly, not like their heads might crush their necks. But good! Downside to that was the fact that it looked like the Pure Neemo body was pretty much a static body that only turned at specific places, or you had to buy multiple bodies to kit-bash into a pose you wanted.

     Hmm... not so great IMO.

    • But then.... I ran across the neemo Flection body.
    That seemed ideal!
    It had the ability to pose, you didnt have to kit-bash a body together for could buy additional/different hand poses for it.
    Wow! Right?
    Well, it was until you looked at the price. and shipping. Ugh.

    Suffice to say that I put off trying to buy one for a while. I still wasn't sure you see? I kept reading on forums & on flickr and on blogs across the web how the flection body wasn't all that good. That joints would just pop-apart or fall off. (I have some experience of that with my other japanese doll bodies and I can say it does frustrate me. So the idea of getting a doll body known for doing it just didn't seem that bright.  But damn me, if I didn't keep seeing them on Flickr. And thinking, well....maybe. Maybe I could get one and hope/try/kit-bash something out of it that would work and make me happy?

    Because let's face it, I want to be able to play with my blythes!!!
    I don't want them to be "shelf sitters" because I can't stand the issues with their default bods.
    Last week I put a mess of my stuff on ebay.
    I needed money for 2 ink cartridges in my printer (ouch! hemorrhaging money!) and money to bring kittens to the vet for check ups. That wasn't going to leave me much but I managed to get enough off feebay to actually make a dent in all 3 things(kittens always come first). So I ordered a Flection body (who knows what it will be like?) and as luck would have it---I found a Pure Neemo (static) body on Blythe Kingdom. Cost me 10 bucks and I feel that with that one I am willing to see what I can do.

    So here's to some bodies coming my way, and the fervent hope that I'll be able to do something with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!